Synonyms Worksheet and Games

Good copy should not be lazy. Synonyms are words that have the same or similar meaning. One way to improve your writing is by replacing common words with more descriptive synonyms.

Find words that will accurately describe. I use this synonyms worksheet to help me find descriptive fabulous words.

Synonyms Chart

Try some of these Online Games:

  • Synonym Toast An Evil Sandwich Making Guy plans to destroy the world by burying it under bread! Help Captain Huggy eat up all the bread by matching words that are similar to each other in this fun game from Scholastic.
  • Synonym Challenge In a race against the clock, pair a word with its matching synonym in this quick game from Sadlier-Oxford. There are many words to choose from, and time is short!
  • Synonym Sam’s Lab From the popular show PBS show Between the Lions, help a girl and her dog conduct a series of experiments to see which words match the actions that the dog performs. There are two synonyms per word, which makes this game a thorough review.
  • Choose the Synonym Which one is it? Choose the word which matches the one given in meaning. A series of eight questions from Learning Games for Kids tests the student’s skills at synonym-matching with more advanced words.
  • Ball Hogs For more synonym practice, this fun online game from the Family Education Network has animated characters compete in a tennis tournament. To win, grab the ball when the word matches the prompt.
  • Walk the Plank Avast, ye mateys! In an educational twist on the traditional Hangman game from First School Years, for every correct synonym matched, a dour commentator takes a few more steps towards the hungry sharks below.
  • Squanky the Tooth Taker Help Squanky the Tooth Taker Fairy collect teeth by matching synonyms and give them to the forest animals who need them. Bright, stylish art helps make this game from Earobics a sure hit with students.
  • Synonym Puzzle Match up puzzle pieces with their corresponding synonyms in this creative game by The shapes of the puzzle pieces can help students visually associate the two words together to aid their understanding of how synonyms work.
  • Match the Cards Instead of seeking identical images in turned-over cards, students must instead look for matching synonyms. Click on the cards that match to clear the board and win the game!
  • Word Frog For more advanced students, this game from Academic Skill Builders will test not only the student’s knowledge of synonyms, but of antonyms and homonyms as well. Play by feeding the fly with the right word to the hungry frog.
  • Starship Synonyms Daisy’s unicorn is stuck, and Daisy can only reach him by selecting balloons with the right synonyms. Simple graphics and an easy-to-follow set of instructions make this a valuable resource from the BBC.

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